Zamack T-Shirt v.02


5 Responses to “Zamack T-Shirt v.02”

  1. Hi Norman,

    Would you be interested in designing a shirt for the NMIFA Co-ed Soccer League?

    Let me know. 285 6462


  2. Hello Angelo,

    SURENESS!!! let me know the details and I will start from there. Thanks.


  3. hye norman…
    your design…
    its fabolous….

    im sham from malaysia dance/shuffle team…
    can you make a design for us?
    for our shirt,cap,hoodies,and web page….
    really love your design….

    you can see my design at

    hope u can make a design for us base on the team logo =)
    thankz norman

  4. hey sham, thanks. sure i can make some designs for ur group. please email me the complete details of ur group and maybe some pictures so i can base the design on how i see ur group. thanks.



  5. Patricia Graham Says:

    Do you have a website?

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