Norman del Rosario



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  1. hello norman. I’m french and i’m not speak english vrey good. Can you make me a football logo please. my football club name is F.C Bren ( Football CLub de Bren) and the colours are ornage and black. thanks you ^^

  2. Hello, my name is David I´m spanish and i´m not speak english very good. In spanish: me gustaria saber con que programas haces los diseños porque estan muy chulos y me gustaria aprender gracias “tanks you”. Sobre todo los montajes de los played football estan very good. Entonces espero tu contestacion para saber el programa con el que los usas gracias y un saludo.

  3. hello david, i’m using adobe photoshop in doing those designs. i can help you out just let me know. thanks & regards

  4. Wilbert Says:

    Hi Sir Norman, i was amaze when i see your design, i just want to ask permit if you don’t mind? can you design me a logo? the logo is all about the “Media and Creative Arts Club”,its consist of ( web design, visual arts, photography, paintings, books, movies,singing,dancing, music etc.

    Here’s the details

    Entertainment = Media and Creative Arts x Cool

    100% Mac-nified!

    Mac my day!

    Do you have the M.A.C Factor?

    Rockin Mac Style!

    I am too MAC to handle!

    Watcha M.A.C kulit!!

    I hope to to hear from you again soon!

    thanks in advance, Take care and God bless 🙂


  5. wow!galing mo tlga kua..

    i am also a phtoshop artist.but stil noob..hehhe


  6. Valerie Says:

    how do i order?

  7. hi sir norman_this is jay salao of mojo gym at panay ave., q.c._just want to know how much you charge for every design?our gym do caters to all who wants to know about proper and quality training to different MMA like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Street/Knife fighting, Striking and Fitness Gym with top of the line equipments and best of all approachable but strict instructors/trainers and ever ready staff. looking forward for your reply ASAP_thanks.

  8. Hi Norman. I’m interested in knowing what you charge for design work. Please email me and we can communicate more on what I’m looking for.

  9. Hi Norman

    I sent you an email yesterday not sure however if it made it through to you.

    I’m working on a project and wondering if you may be interested in doing the artwork for it. You can check out our Company website at I’m the Marketing Manager for Permatex Canada.

    You can reach me at the office at 905-693-8900 ext: 3502

    Hope to talk to you soon.

    Donny Braga

  10. great stuff! proud to be pinoy! very inspiring too!

  11. Hello, My name is Roberto, I would liKe to know if you can email me and let me know how much you will charge to get a design ready for my boxing gear. I already have the logo and the name of the brand. Just need the finishing touch background. Emal me at Thanks

  12. Eldwin Ngo Says:

    do make designs for apparel? tnx

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